Montclair – Oakland

Montclair, Oakland, California

An exclusive, hillside enclave, Montclair is a tony little "village" located inside the city of Oakland. This heavily forested neighborhood consists of a convivial downtown district and large single-family, mostly luxury homes located along twisty roads lined with old-growth redwood trees. Highway 24 runs through the village, offering easy access to Downtown Oakland, BART, and Contra Costa County. May I help you sell, or buy a home in Montclair? I'm a French, and Korean-speaking real estate agent, let's chat in any idiom you're comfortable with.


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To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive Bay Area Real Estate market, it’s more than a numbers game. From maximizing your investment when selling, to winning the accepted offer when buying, you need a strong, steady, artful negotiator—with a proven track record. Renowned for her endurance in the “marathon” of real estate negotiations, Chami Kang is relentless in her pursuit of helping clients.