The Mystery of the Disappearing Eyebrows

The Mystery of the Disappearing Eyebrows

  • Chami Kang
  • 05/25/21

Bonjour mes amis! 

I hope this note finds you well—and returning to a sense of normalcy—soon. What a year...My family and I recently took a sweet sojourn to Napa Valley for a change of scenery (and a few sips of wine), while remaining ever vigilant (as this bizarre year has dictated), with my trusty package of Clorox wipes close at hand.

I've managed to “accessorize” every "ensemble" I own with these puffy little sacks. It’s my version of the “baguette clutch.” But, after months of incessant wiping, cleaning, and disinfecting, I began noticing something tres bizarre going on with my eyebrows. 

The more I wiped, the less I could see them...

Where did they go? 

Do YOU have them? 

I’d really like them back…

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